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Carolyn teaches all of the Advanced Electrolysis techniques that she offers and has over 20 years experience.

Please note that there is a full consultation and assessment of the skin prior to treatment.  In some cases a Doctors permission may be required.

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Welcome and thank you for taking your first step to becoming free of those unwanted hairs.

Electrolysis is the only proven permanent method of removing hair dating back as far as 1875 when Dr. Charles  E. Michel removed an ingrowing eyelash.

Electrolysis is a treatment that is as individual as you are. To design a treament plan for your individual needs please book a free consultation at the Electrolysis & Skincare Studio in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

All consultations are carried out in a private and confidential manner. During the consultation the cause of hair growth will be assessed. This is necessary when designing a treatment plan.  Clients with a hormonal cause of hair growth will require frequent treatments over a longer period of time.


Electrolysis is a very safe and hygienic treatment and all items and materials are disposable. A fresh pair of gloves are worn for every client.

A course of treatments is required to obtain desired results. Click here for prices.

The Electrolysis & Skincare Studio is approved and licensed by the South Kesteven Council.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Many unsightly vascular and fibrous skin blemishes can be quickly and easily treated with Advanced Electrolysis at The Electrolysis & Skincare Studio. Results are very effective and often immediate, offering a blemish free smooth skin.

Removing all your skin blemishes and imperfections that may have affected your confidence and wellbeing, recently or throughout your life, can be easily treated by an electrolysis specialist. The demand for these procedures is very high but unfortunately the medical profession is not only too busy but in most cases reluctant to do anything with benign lesions as the N.H.S. funding is very restricted. They are seen purely as a cosmetic problem regardless of the psychological effect on the person having the unsightly marks, lumps and bumps on their skin. As far back as the early 1900’s electrolysis was being used for the treatment of port-wine marks, broken capillaries, skin tags, spider naevi, a variety of warts and even xanthelasma (yellow pigmented spots or plates found on the eyelids). Today it has progressed a long way and with ongoing improvements and modern technology it is a safe, comfortable and effective treatment still very much in demand with the clients of today.

Book your FREE consultation to discuss your needs.

I often hear clients saying that they wish they had met me sooner!

Beauty &

Holistic Therapies

Amy Nicholson is an Environ specialist and offers all of the following treatments in her quiet and  private treatment room:

  • Environ Facials & Skincare Advice
  • Massage
  • Hopi Ear Candles
  • Reflexology
  • Beauty Therapy including Waxing & Eye Treatments

“I didn’t find the advanced electrolysis procedure uncomfortable and I’m very happy that I’ve had it done as I really hated all the things on my body that Carolyn has treated. I would recommend it to any one that is feeling insecure about them self. The treatment is absolutely fantastic, safe and very successful!”

Lynn - Hampton, Peterborough

"I found Carolyn to be very professional and reassuring.  When I researched the treatments available for my facial hair it was both confusing and scary and Carolyn dispelled all the myths and instantly put me at ease. I completely trust Carolyn and found her to be approachable and friendly" Paula - Oakham


"Just to say a sincere thanks for the super work you did on me. Can't believe how lucky I was to find you. Thanks again."

Pat - Peterborough